Patrik Bengtsson


No looking back now, were pushing through —

Black drapes are surrounding a room as you walk down a
short path of gravel to find a bench luminated by a street post,
on the bench carved are the texts:
"I´m gonna get all my friends together and we´re
gonna go! go! go!" and "I know very well how I
got my name".
On your right side you see four gravestones perched
on a grasshill and beyond is a projection that
extends the landscape.
The projection shows an animated boat sailing into a
sunrise and disappearing into the horizon.
The four gravestones wear quotes from pop songs.

Do you believe if I say it´s magic?

Take me out tonight

Heaven knows it´s got to be this time

My second rate poetry just is not enough to describe
you, I feel better than ever before.