Patrik Bengtsson

Skall följa rytmen genom en annans trumma, en annans rytm skall bredvid mig vandra. Akt 1 —

Shall follow the rhythm through the drum of someone else, the rhythm of someone else shall wander beside me

An exhibition in four acts
During the period of november 2009 until february 2010 a collaboration between Katarina Nitsch and me took place in a 300m2 basement at Macforum, in the center of Göteborg. The place where given to us in order to use it for our artistic practice. Instead of presenting our own work we decided through a letter composed as a poetic and cryptic operating instruction to invite other artist to exhibit. The letter became a invitation, a manual and the fundament for this project.

We divided the exhibition into 4 acts, The exhibition became therefore a story, a play. The room became the stage and the artist and their pieces became actors and props. Katarina and I where the directors, the technicians, producers and the scriptwriters. Our intentions and beliefs where that  in order to give space to others you generate more space both physically an mentally.

Every vernissage ended with a party at the nightclub Styrbord/babord. interpretations of the letter by Rune Lindbaek, Dj Sönke, Prejka became the soundtrack for the evenings. Every act was promoted by a poster designed by Albert Sjöstam. These 4 posters and the scrapbook in wich we collected all the artists texts, photos from the acts, reviews and our texts are the only things left after last opening day.

Collaboration with Katarina Nitsch

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