Patrik Bengtsson


–We must defend ourselves, against the flow, against the floating state, dark forces and objects coming at us. We create a net, a defence and a resistance, a weave of thin but sticky threads. We gather information, we show you the way.
Katarina Nitsch and Patrik Bengtsson create a web-based work with threads out into the city of Göteborg. Based on how the internet is used for activism, information sharing and surveillance, the artists have created two characters – Owl and Fox – who lead the fight against an evil monster threatening the city. Via a liaison office in central Göteborg, they collect data; video clips from mobiles, texts and image messages sent in from their investigators spread across the city. The liaison office controls the investigators and gives them new instructions. Follow the work online at
Venue: Follow this work online at
Time: Friday 17 June at 10am–5pm

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